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AC-3X flybarless controller (no) latency
« : 01 Tammikuu, 2010, 20:26:23 »

after some discussion about latency of flybarless controllers, there seems to be at least one that doesn't have latency, the AC-3X.
Measured results were published today:
And as can be seen, there is basically no other processing delay. Changes make it to the output immediately at the next pulse.

I think I want one of those... Unfortunately it's freakin' expensive (€499 + shipping).

edit oh forget it it was measured in programming mode, which is meaningless.
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Vs: AC-3X flybarless controller (no) latency
« Vastaus #1 : 01 Tammikuu, 2010, 20:47:43 »

Do you know if the software can compete with Mikado's VBAR in other areas as well? Ie setting up, performance and feel in flying. It is not real benefit if it is doing the corrections fast if they are wrong.  ::) Everybody seem to think that Mikado's 10 year development has gained some advantages on that area. However I think that it does not that long for others to catch up.

I think I have seen AC-3x discussions for very long time already. Some people appraise it, but most haven't seen one. When it was released?

Edit: Anyway here is the website AC-3x. It has on display on top.

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Vs: AC-3X flybarless controller (no) latency
« Vastaus #2 : 02 Tammikuu, 2010, 12:05:01 »

I know very little about it, except that I might order one  :)
The list price is € 495, and it comes with built-in display as you said.

In the meantime, the guy on repeated the measurement in flight mode, and latency remains unchanged. So it is fast, no doubt about that.
How it flies, I don't know. Yet  :)


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