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Diabolo Nitro
« : 09 Maaliskuu, 2019, 09:48:13 »

Super excited this weekend that minicopter is releasing probably one of the best flying and attention getting models I’ve flown to date.

Last year I started flying a hacked together Diabolo converted to nitro power that I made in my garage. I always liked the idea of having a glow and electric that used the same rotor head and control geometry so when switching between the two they flew similarly.

Last year at RotorLive Robin and Christian saw the converted model and thanks to Robin’s incredible abilities in CGI and CAD, they took the concept of my hacked together version and turned it into what I believe will be one of the greatest glow helicopters to date. I can’t wait to fly this model every weekend and pretty awesome that everyone will be able to have the same model!!

Nick Maxwell
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