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Vs: uusi kopteri uudet ongelmat (lapakulmat)
« Vastaus #50 : 05 Lokakuu, 2008, 20:33:58 »
Marcus, You are not beginner ;D
I forgot phase error, maybe because i have hirobos, and in those i can set it mechanically from head, no need for mixing.

Actually my point is: When you are beginner, there is no need to do this hobby more difficult than it is,
learn first hover, all sides, then flying, loops, rolls etc., and when you find yourself a need for mixing or something else tuning, do it, not before.
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Vs: uusi kopteri uudet ongelmat (lapakulmat)
« Vastaus #51 : 05 Lokakuu, 2008, 21:16:31 »
>>I forgot phase error
I listened when Joni M. explained this to me :)

Now your point is exactly what I think. In my words: people discuss for hours about problems that they have created for themselves.
The main problem for many is, IMO, that they don't distinguish between what is "ballpark settings", what is essential and what is "beyond the book" (the "no-rule-without-exception" thing).

To summarize all my "wisdom"  :) on the T-Rex: and note, this doesn't need any measurement instruments

- maybe spin it up once and set blade tracking before anything else
- Set pitch ccpm mixing to 0 % to force pitch at center
- attach swash servo arms so that they come close to 90 degrees. Length  ~ 15 mm, I use 16.5
- use subtrim to achieve exactly 90 degs
- adjust the pushrods servo-swash so that the swash is level AND the blades, folded back, overlap (zero degrees)
- use the default linear 0..100 pitch curve in all flight modes
- adjust ccpm pitch mixing so that the blades, folded back, give about +/- 10 degs (for those who need measurement instrument: a "V" with index / middle finger is about +/- 20   :))
- positive and negative max. pitch should now be equal, if the mechanics are set according to the manual
- tame down the normal mode pitch curve to maybe 20-25-50-75-100 or so. Note, it's the same as linear, except the range where you spool down. In other words, during flight the pitch curve is the same as idle-up => heli doesn't jump

There are opportunities for fine-tuning, no doubt.
But I'll boldly claim that this setup will fly better than anything a beginner comes up with, using a pitch gauge and all sorts of weird programming.
And, it takes less than 20 minutes to set it up from scratch.

while I'm here:
gyro: with sufficient headspeed, switch to rate mode
adjust the tail servo position so that it doesn't drift in hover (ideally you go out of ground effect)
adjust the end points to prevent binding, set gain as high as you can without any signs of wagging and that's it.
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