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TT50, does this motor look OK?
« : 11 Kesäkuu, 2008, 00:03:16 »

please have a look at the pictures. A TT 50 (Raptor stock motor), after 2 1/4 gallons.
The manual said, if the piston turns blue it's running too hot (too lean). But the color is brown, not blue.
Should it look like this, or is something wrong here? The motor itself runs OK.

PS: yes it's dirty outside ... should fly it through the heli-wash  ;D
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Vs: TT50, does this motor look OK?
« Vastaus #1 : 11 Kesäkuu, 2008, 20:10:30 »
Nothing too serious just a tad on the lean side.
I did find the TT engine getting a bit lean on high revs no matter how rich you tune it.
What I did was I drilled the main fuel passage larger that goes in the carb, under the fuelhose connector.
Drilled it out to 1.5mm and bellmouthed the intake side of the carb.
Tested the mods, and now I can setup the motor so rich that it stays cold after test flight, close to ambient temp.
Pic of the bellmouth compared to original.
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Vs: TT50, does this motor look OK?
« Vastaus #2 : 11 Kesäkuu, 2008, 20:15:48 »
Thanks, good to know that I didn't toast it ...
I did the needle-mod yesterday, and installed a limiter. Let's see how it goes... if it's still alive  ::)


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