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F3N Flybarless
« : 27 Lokakuu, 2009, 15:06:04 »
Olenko missannut jotain?...


Sanotaan, että:
The swept area of the lifting rotor is not limited. The engine is not limited.
Limitations are: Electric drive up to 51 volt.
a) WEIGHT: The weight of the model aircraft (with fuel or with batteries) must not exceed 6,5 kg.
b) GYROS: The use of pre-programmed flight manoeuvres is forbidden. The use of a governer and flybarless systems is permitted.
c) ROTOR BLADES: All-metal main or tail rotor blades are prohibited.

Onko tämä joku kisakohtainen poikkeus vai onko säännöt muuttuneet/olenko sekaisin.

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Vs: F3N Flybarless
« Vastaus #1 : 27 Lokakuu, 2009, 15:22:53 »
from what I heard on rcheliaddicts (source: a British representative on the F3C committee), the current F3N draft still says "forbidden". But since it's still a non-official "add-on" program, most tournament organizers say, we fly according to F3N draft rules with some changes. Such as allowing flybarless.
I expect / hope that the restriction will go. Otherwise, it would be really braindead, stifle innovation to stone age technology. Yes I never liked flybars  ;D


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