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Shanghai hobby shops
« : 12 Toukokuu, 2009, 17:26:06 »
Kirjoitan tämän englanniksi, koska matkalla sain pari uutta kopteriharrastusta aloittelevaa kaveria. Ja muutenkin...

In Hobby

I started tour from In Hobby. In Hobby is a bit hard to find since it is located south gate of Changfeng park, but address (chinese in this card) is DaDuHe road.

I took motorcycle taxi from Caoyang metro station (guy in this picture). Driver cheated more than 2 euros from me which is maybe ten times the normal money he gets, but I was happy to found the destination and get back driving between cars in roads. Nearest metro station is Loushanguan road metro station.

Shop has limited set of helicopter parts and some helicopter sets also.

Shanghai Hobby

I tried to find this hobby shop based on the information found from web dated couple of years ago. Highest temperature measured at that day was 35.6 centigrades so umbrellas protected from the sun.

This should be the correct place. I asked from three local people but the conclusion was that maybe shop has been disappeared because of the construction work. Don't know if the shop exists somewhere else nowadays.


Edit: Shanghai hobby seems to be moved maybe to Xian road 139. Nearest metro station is Hailun road. Maybe I will visit there some day.

Waigo hobby

Nearest metro station of Waigo hobby is Hongkou football stadium metro station. Shop is located to the south east side ground level of stadium.

Waigo hobby has the most complete selection of different rc stuff in Shanghai. But could have more.

These are all Align 600 size helicopter spare parts. For example torque tube gears are not available currently. Blades are in different shelf.

Waigo has Sanwa and Futaba radios but for some reason there was also one DSX9 in the shop. I asked DX7 but currently they don't sell Spektrum radios. They have a good selection of Futaba parts and maybe GY520 gyro is coming in June.


In the past Yifeng was located next to Nanjing road 555.

Now it is located at the same side of the road maybe 500 meters towards People's square metro station. Easiest way to get there is to walk west from People's square metro station using left side of Nanjing road.

Shop has a very limited set of helicopter sets and radios. It is concentrated more on diecast models.

As a summary: Don't assume you can get radios you like, 6 cell lipo batteries or special spare parts for 600 size helicopter. None of those shops had 6s lipos. Also nobody knew about Spartan gyros. Better to call shops to check the availability of parts first. Prices of products coming from western countries are also high because of high import taxes.
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Vs: Shanghai hobby shops
« Vastaus #1 : 31 Toukokuu, 2009, 19:11:20 »
Yesterday I finally found and visited Shanghai hobby.

The nearest metro station is Hailun road metro station. Better to take taxi from there if you are in hurry. Otherwise it is around half an hour walk if you know where to go. Roads are changing rapidly, so this info might not be valid after several months anymore.

Metro station is on left side in this picture (if coming from this Hailun road metro station exit 3 you need to turn left) and need to follow Hailun road straight forward in right side of this picture.

South side of the Hailun road is under construction.

And then you need to go through some traffic circle like place under construction. Follow next Xinjian road to the south and turn right to the (Dong) Changzhi road (where is also construction sites on both sides of whole road and maybe the road has no sign, but need to check road Chinese name from the number plates of buildings) and turn right to the short street having no name. And finally after walking straight forward you get to Shanghai hobby which is in Xi'an road 139.

Shop has selection of Align spare parts, also for 600 size heli. But, as for the other shops this has no torque tube spare gears either.

But what is nice this shop has several different types of 6 cell batteries. No other Shanghai hobby shops had those.

But I like this place, it is small but still it has some things other shops didn't have. Shopkeeper was friendly and might know couple of words English (I  used my couple of words Chinese to get information I wanted). It was the only hobby shop in Shanghai where I used some money.
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Vs: Shanghai hobby shops
« Vastaus #2 : 11 Elokuu, 2016, 19:54:31 »
Säie on vanha mutta onko päivityksiä kellään? Tilanne olis sellainen että pitäs viikonlopuksi saada jotain lentävää hotellihuoneen täytteeksi. Onko kellään ajantasaisempaa tietoa? Juujuu tottakai marketeista ja toreilta löytyy mutta jos idea just olisi ostaa "oikeasta" kiinalaisesta harrastekaupasta kerta sattuu paikanpäällä olemaan?

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Vs: Shanghai hobby shops
« Vastaus #3 : 12 Elokuu, 2016, 00:41:20 »
Taitaa olla enemmän nettikauppaa, kuten muuallakin...
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