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Otsikko: JR Airskipper 50
Kirjoitti: MickeM - 16 Helmikuu, 2020, 21:59:54
JR Airskipper 50

Not many in Finland? :D Got it several years ago, fixed it and it flies great, flew it last year. All metal.
Very stable for a 50-size (I am used to Raptors as well, they are flimsy in comparison).

- Futaba GY401 gyro (it have flybar)
- Hitec HS-645MG x3 for CCPM-cyclic
- Futaba S9254 for tail
- Hitec HS-422 for throttle
- Gryphon Extreme-Heli GVR-7020 UBEC Power Management Unit
- OS Max 50 SX-H glow engine
- 2S 2200 LiPo for power

I should sell it, have to many helicopters... :-\